Alex Poole

Alex Poole is interim product and design leadership for startups.

Remote or onsite. NYC / LDN.


I design businesses and products.

My brain is hardwired to distill ideas and create a visualized order that connects dots and aligns thinking. I operate as an integrated part of a team, getting deep in the dirt to map things out and establish a clear vision that reflects business objectives, the people who will use it, and its place within a wider system. Once that’s set, I design the products that become the heart and soul of a business.


I work without dogmatic nonsense and process clichés.

Ideas are different, founders are different, teams are different. I listen and engage before determining a best way forward. The essentials are communication, collaboration, flexibility, decisiveness, a shared purpose, and a clear direction. This takes shape in many different ways.


I can help if you …

… need to jumpstart a business or product design, can’t afford or don’t require fulltime design leadership, want to put shape to a new idea to see if it has traction, have an initiative that needs dedicated focus, need to change course on a current proposition, need advise on structuring a team.


I’m especially good at stuff like …

… systems architecture, strategic concept models, detailed product design, service innovation, business positioning, customer research, product roadmapping, team advancement, anything without precedent or hellbent on torching rulebooks to make things better 👊🏼


Sound good? Say hello or connect here or there.

Alex has a passion for collaborating to create meaningful work. He’s skilled in bringing visibility, order, and direction and is able to elegantly balance out his own vision with desires of the stakeholders. More importantly, he’s an honest and compassionate human being.
— Gunar Gessner // Chief Product Officer
Alex is a great product person. He was pivotal in defining the MVP for our mobile-learning app. His design aesthetic and attention to the ‘little big details’ ensure a well-crafted, premium output. I look forward to working him with again.
— Paul Jackson // Founder, VC
Alex is a rare beast. Able to switch effortlessly between highly inventive broad brush thinking and rigorous, detail-oriented design work without relying on process dogma. He knows its all about the end result — and the end result was great.
— Ben Bashford // Design Director
He’s measured and pragmatic, while constantly pushing for the absolute highest quality creative output. He’s a great leader, and a great person. Anyone would be lucky to have him leading their team.
— Jodi Terwilliger // Creative Director
Alex’s grounding in technology, user experience, and strategy is backed by a wonderful attention to all details. He maintains a valued interest in the bigger picture and is equally invested in taking care of everyone engaged in the journey. A true delight to collaborate with.
— Jason Prohaska // Managing Director
Professional, Thoughtful, Organized, Artful and Exceptional. Alex is one of the most ethical and thoughtful individuals I’ve ever met. He makes everything look effortless and is fluid in his communication through the most challenging scenarios.
— Michelle Collins // Founder, Creative Director
Alex is a great guy and a proven digital leader. [He ran] a large and high profile strategy, design and build project like clockwork. The work is of the highest caliber and the teams and clients working with Alex are having a blast. Working with Alex feels good.
— Chris Mele // Managing Director