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NYC   ·   LDN


I design and lead tech stuff for startups, studios, big corporates, and VCs.


My work is about getting in the dirt, designing a foundation, directing a vision, and creating an arena for invention and change.


I get a particularly twisted thrill from working on stuff without precedent, especially anything hellbent on torching the rulebooks to make things better.


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I'm an NYC 🖤 expat born in LA 🏄🏽‍♂️ and currently based in London under miraculous circumstances 👽.


I'm now fully aimed at aligning the right stars to dig deep into something major that rocks some world.


Until that magic moment, I'm freelancing ...


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So you should want to work with me because I've partnered with some megatalents, lead some killer projects, and earned some sick creds.


Much of what I do isn't exactly portfolioable, and I usually only share design work over a meeting, so ...


NYC   ·   LDN